When I arrived, I thought I’d see 200 Accountants sat in deathly silence. But it’s nothing like that at all.

- Mike, Corporate Communications Manager

Looking forward

We have three aims for the future:

To drive greater market penetration through innovative tactical campaigns.

To increase used car sales and drive the growth of our business.

To generate exceptional outcomes to leave our customers feeling happy.

Who we need

We need people who thrive on making a big impact. Whether you’re bringing a new product to market, planning our sales performance or launching a new marketing initiative, you need the drive, dedication and energy to make things happen.

1.9 million cars financed

  • 1.9 million cars financed

    We are Europe's largest automotive vehicle financial services organisation, financing more than 1.9 million new and used cars across our worldwide operation.

The most important value for the Commercial department is 'Courage'. We ask difficult questions and make tough decisions.

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