Our role within the business is vital. We ensure that we work in the right way, looking after our customers and building our reputation for operational excellence.


VWFS operates in a highly regulated environment, both globally and locally in the UK. Our Finance, Legal and Compliance teams help to ensure that we manage our processes and practices in line with the highest standards, and that the business is supported with the best advice in each specialist area. As our business becomes more diverse and the regulatory environment continues to change, our function has never been more important.


Our vision for the future is to continue supporting all areas of the business, providing advice on everything from how we promote our products; to how we deal with complex legal issues; to how we develop contractual documentation and manage transactions. Through industry-leading forecasting, modelling and data analysis, we will continue to ensure we are compliant with the FCA guidelines.


We value people who bring accuracy, financial acumen and robust logic to the business. At the same time, as a department, we’re also adapting and evolving as the business moves into new areas and develops new products and services. It creates new challenges, so we need the agility, creativity and ideas to adapt too.


‘The value that resonates most with the Finance, Legal and Compliance team is Trust. Our work creates the foundation for integrity and ’transparency’.


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