As our organisation grows, we're providing robust platforms to help support change and to help our ambitious people achieve more in their roles and in their careers.


Our mission is to ensure that every colleague in VWFS has access to available, compliant and secure systems. Because our business is growing very quickly, ensuring that our IT systems maintain pace has been a challenge. Our IT landscape now looks very different to how it did just a few years ago. We’ve enhanced processes, improved resilience, reduced incidents and delivered small changes with more agility.


Looking ahead, we believe that we have the platforms in place to support a business migrating towards a much more digitally focused environment. Our goal now is to explore how IT can support the business in a more proactive way. How can we innovate? How can we use technology to drive growth? How can we build the systems that help every individual to realise their potential? 


We can’t be the kind of IT department that focuses purely on the technology. We look for people who want to learn about how our business works, who want to build relationships with other functions and really see their work make an impact. You’ve got to be able to embrace, enjoy and feel energised by pace and change.


‘If we had to pick one value to represent IT, it would be Trust. Knowing you’ve got the systems and platforms to achieve what you need to in your role.’

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