In financial services, there are many types of risks that we need to evaluate, plan for and prevent. By mitigating these risks, we play an integral part in ensuring that our organisation is stronger, fitter and prepared for the future.


In a fast-changing business and an evolving market, there are different challenges for the Risk & Governance team. One of our most important challenges is how we manage our control landscape. We use many different systems and applications across many different areas, so we monitor access, implement identity management and ensure that the right people have access to the right information. This helps our business to work in the right way and optimise processes.


Looking ahead, there are many unanswered questions that make the future interesting. How will our economic environment change in the coming years? How will changing regulation affect what we do and how we do it? How do we embrace the digital needs of our business, making it easier for customers while at the same time mitigating risks and ensuring security?


Risk & Governance is an area that is vitally important in Financial Services. Our people therefore need to be great relationship-builders, who can work closely with colleagues to ensure that we adapt to change quickly and continue to be successful.


‘In Risk & Governance, our most important value has to be ‘Responsibility’. We look after the business and help to resolve issues before they become problems.’

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