Values are only important if people put them into action. We think that our people really adopt our values and make them work. Our Annual Employee Survey includes 600,000 individuals and could well be the largest in the world. It's a great way to give everyone in our organisation a voice.


Why does it matter to us? We not only talk about our Customers but rather we are with them whenever they need us: we live by our commitment to our Customers and are able to be convincing through our expertise.

Why does it matter to us? Without a sense of responsibility there’s no progress – each one of us is responsible for his or her work, environment and each other. We take ownership of what we do.



Why does it matter to us? Because trust and integrity are the foundation for all our interactions, relationships and work.

Why does it matter to us? Courage is essential for innovation and we want to be the innovation leader in our market.



Why does it matter to us? We strive for service of the highest quality; we are passionate and committed to everything we do.

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