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VWFS is a supportive environment where continuous learning and development are part of our everyday lives. Being the best that we can be is very much at the heart of our ethos, so we provide the resources you need to enhance your personal growth. Here, your learning and development needs are regularly reviewed and you are always encouraged to play an active part in identifying your own learning needs, selecting appropriate learning methods and in assessing the outcomes and effectiveness of your learning. Our aim is to create a place where continuous development can happen naturally and where you are supported and enabled to meet the changing demands and priorities of our business.  

This is what we mean by driving your own development. There is so much scope here to make sure that your training, your development curve and your career path are all perfectly designed around you.

Below are just a few of the Learning & Development options available to you at VWFS:

• Digital and face-to-face learning options

• Support tools

• Access to global opportunities

• Personality profiling

• Professional development

• Mentoring scheme

• Personal Development Planning

• Bespoke team development

Personal Development Planning

We always expect you to do your best. But at the same time, we realise that every one of our people are individuals and that different factors affect how you perform in work. So it is really important that we give you the opportunity to help plan your own development and to talk about how you can fulfil your potential in the future. 

Personal Development Planning is available to every employee and helps you to plan your career path within VWFS. You can propose annual personal development objectives which will give you exposure to areas where you may have particular interest or skills. As part of your professional development, you may also have the opportunity of sponsored study to achieve a relevant qualification, such as CIPD or CIMA.

It’s very much a two-way street. Your manager will give you feedback too, so you are always clear on how you can continue your development.


Licence2Operate is a varied offering of learning that is available to all of our colleagues in the business. It covers themes and topics that are relevant to every person in every role, such as including Maximising Personal Impact, and Courageous Conversations.

Licence2Manage is available for all people managers across the business. It provides you with the skills to become a successful people manager within VWFS, such as Coaching for High Performance, Courageous Conversations and Commercial Leadership.


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