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Shining stars deserve their moment. At VWFS, showing appreciation and recognition of employees is part of daily life here and we're constantly looking for opportunities to celebrate our success stories and reward individuals. And it's never simply just about performance - we often reward people for their loyalty, for living up to our values day-to-day and for being part of a great team. Really, it's just about finding little ways to say 'thank you'. 

We believe that the loyalty of our people is a good indicator that we're doing something right as an employer. We have many people who have been rewarded for long service and we hope that, in the future, we will be rewarding many more. By providing high quality environments, great training and fantastic career development opportunities, we retain talented people and ensure that they can grow with us in the long-term. The proof is right here - we have some individuals who have been with us for more than 45 years!

The Living Our Spirit Stars is our recognition programme, designed to celebrate colleagues who make a difference and go the extra mile to help us achieve our business goals. It is open to everyone and anyone can nominate, peer to peer, manager to team member, team member to manager across all departments.

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